Things Are Getting Real

Since our last update on April 17, we've been working on all of the little pieces that will come together to be our air conditioning and electric. This includes creating a secure structure to house the air condenser and coating it with anti rust paint and running conduit. In addition, Noah installed a plug on the outside of the trailer to input energy from the (500 feet) of cable running to the house (seen in this original post). In turn, this gave us our first wall mounted outlet that you see above and now the cable doesn't have to stick out through the doors on the end. 

In the coming weeks, we'll move forward with the air conditioner, which will include the second eyes and hands of a professional to check our work. We'll also install more conduit throughout the bedroom end (with the two installed windows) so that we can get to our next big goal of insulating the bedroom area. This means we'll have air conditioning in that end for those hot summer days that we know are coming!