We've got power!

Disclaimer: I write this now after 4 hours of screwing nails into our thermal break floor and I'm feeling a little delirious. 


We've been working in the dark folks. There was the camping lantern and the flash lights on our phones but they really don't compare to the satisfaction of flipping a light switch and being able to see your surroundings. Today we celebrate that luxury BECAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER. 

My awesome and talented husband, Noah, ordered 500 feet of cable to run electricy to the trailer (and this friends is when I'm realizing that Noah should be writing this post so he can adequately explain what is actually involved here). While I can't actually verbalize the details of the magic, I can take adorable pictures of Noah creating magic out of cable.

With this new found assitance, we were able to lay more of the floor and now we're almost to insulation!