A Slow Fall

We thought moving in would fuel the fire for progress. We didn't anticipate how good it would feel to sit in our bed in our house after a long day. We didn't anticipate how damaging the short days would be. We didn't anticipate job stress to throw us off so far. There have been some small achievements and for now, I'll take solace in that and celebrate them.

As we navigate the projects ahead, we have to decide where our focus is best spent. Right now we're staying warm with our furnace; going to the loo is a little chilly but we're managing (the loo is located in the section that is not yet insulated). To help keep the heat in, Noah has been reworking the existing swinging doors to eliminate the gap. He removed the original hardware used for locking and opening the door and installed handles and new locks. This enables the doors to close completely so there aren't gaping holes. 

We also completed some electrical work -- so now we both have working outlets next to the bed (such a lovely modern convenience!).

We had one annoying job to do to finish the sliding glass door: exterior flashing. The door itself was a lot of work to frame and install and I think we both just wanted it to be done. The flashing was the last piece and took a few tries to get right (returning materials, mapping out best strategies). The nice thing about the flashing is that I am able to help quite a bit (even if my holes aren't quite in line with my measurements, right Noah? ;). We have since completed 3 sides of the flashing for the sliding glass door and have yet again stalled out on doing the bottom piece, which unfortunately is much more involved. 

And that's it! We're trying to enjoy life, relax and snuggle up when necessary.