Installing the Door

The events of the past two weeks are all squished so tightly in my head I'm having a hard time separating them; must be the heat.

What I know for sure after these last few weeks: if we had started this project in the summer time, I most definitely would have been miserable/useless. These days that reach 80+ degrees are tough and are only tolerable now because we have windows and a BRAND NEW DOOR. 

That's right! We have a fully functioning sliding glass door (way sooner than I imagined). After finishing up general house keeping earlier today, we stepped back to study the frame for the door. Before I could deploy any 'subtle' hints about cutting the hole, Noah turned to me, saw in hand, and asked that I get Bob on the phone to see if he could help lift the door into place. Within an hour we had a 73" by 85" size hole in the side of the trailer, which meant no going back -- it was either put the door in or deal with a flood.

With Bob and Noah on each end and me outside on the scaffolding, we wiggled the door into place. After readjusting and trimming back the corners of the door, we were able to secure it into the frame. Next steps: picking out hardware and applying flashing.


I can already see hours of Chloe sitting at the door watching the birds fly through the ravine. And that scaffolding doesn't make a bad balcony either!