The rush that keeps on rushing

Oh my friends, how my body and mind ache. The heat, the heat, oh my god, the heat.

When I look back at our last blog post, I realize that a lot has happened and while it wasn't substantial in a physical sense, I know we've made a lot of progress. 

Aside from cleaning the space, finding temporary homes for some things and giving others away, we've focused on prepping the front end/bedroom section to make way for our murphy bed. At this point, I'm happy to report that we're surpassing our bottom line expectations: the air conditioner is done AND WORKING, the conduit and boxes have been installed (with pull string placed by yours truly) and is ready to be wired. We're well on our way to getting the section insulated and installing the murphy bed before our move-in date. 

These last two weeks have been some of the most productive for me personally; I'm happy to claim the bedroom conduit and boxes as my own handy work. I can't say the process was easy or flawless (there was the whole running the conduit through a bucket handle and skipping a box or two) but I was able to own it and fix my mistakes. This was a huge boost for me to finally take the reigns and put in the hard work. It has, however, been so hot, I'm impressed we've been able to keep up the momentum.

This week, Noah also installed 6 lights for the ceiling and wired/connected them. The dogs and I also spent a painfully boring hour at Home Depot while he picked out a fancy generator that will be a temporary power source for the AC, as well as a long term back up power source for all things tiny living. Our hope is to create a storage 'situation' under the trailer that will house the generator in a manor that will keep it functional without having to set it up/unpack it every time.


Other note worthy items on the list:

• Noah is creating custom drainage tubing for the AC units. This involves running a small tube through the floor of the trailor so the water has a way to drain. More on that later. 

• Noah tested the copper AC pipes by applying a mixture of soap and water to the connecting points; a skill he learned from his papa as a kid.

• Our toilet made it's way out of hiding this week and was placed in the tiny home to free up space for tools. The thing is massive and is only slightly smaller than it appears boxed in the image above. For now it will sit there and be a place to stack other things. Fun!

• We also have to deal with black cord for the tail lights -- which runs on the back wall, left side (visible in some photos). We will have to create a custom solution to keep the spray foam off the cord. 


Now! Let's just pray these spray foam guys can come soon. Fingers crossed.