A rush to the end. Part one?

I had to include a picture of our friend Jordan this week (first picture on the post) because he met us for breakfast last weekend and before he could pay for his check I had guilted him into coming over to help us with the house. [Not really though -- there wasn't much guilting involved because Jordan is such a kind person (and great company!) that he agreed right on the spot, despite the fact that it was hella hot in there.] His job was to help us pull cable which worked well in between the company fires that he was putting out (he's a co worker of Noah's). 

In between 2 weeks of vacation, the last month has been devoted to running conduit, wiring and framing out the ceiling, which all of the lovely photos above document. 

One of my favorite things this week though was using a weed whacker and if you know me at all, this won't come as a surprise because you know I love to pull weeds and do garden work. Heck, some of you (JEN) totally got pictures of the after weed whacking view and tried your best to pretend to be happy (BECAUSE WHO ACTUALLY GETS EXCITED ABOUT WEEDING?). Just look at that fire pit! We can actually sit around the entire thing and not be swollowed up by tall weeds. :)

Moving on to real tiny house issues...

We've decided to give our 30 day notice and pay our rent FOR THE LAST TIME for the month of August. This really means that I have about 4 weeks to sell our entertainment system (any one interested!!!?) and find a piano mover to move our piano to Noah's brother in Columbus. In addition, we have a warehouse size load of IT equipment that needs to find a new home at Noah's office/company. 

Really, at this point, our only wish list is to have the air conditioning completed by move in date of August 31st. This seems feasible but we still need to schedule the check in with the professional who is 'unofficially' signing off on our work. We'll also have to move in the multiple batteries we've purchased to run the unit. If there's time, we'll mount the murphy bed and insulate the walls in the bedroom section. Details to come! 

Finally, we finished up the ceiling framing where the bedroom will go. The final step was dealing with potential snow load issues on the roof. To avoid any issues, we decided to cut 2x4 pieces of wood to fit between the framing and the skin of the trailer. We attached them by screwing through the framing into the wood (vs screwing through the skin of the trailer). We'll add as much as 5 across on all of the framing to be safe; we hope this will keep any weather weight from being a problem.