Putting the Room in Bedroom

Hello Friends!

This past week, we finished the ceiling (probably the hardest and physically demanding part yet). Unfortunately for Noah, helping him install the larger panels was very difficult for me. I guess I'm just not accustomed to holding heaving sheets of wood above my head. 

Next, we purchased some simple track from Home Depot to frame out the bedroom door way. We unearthed that half finished furnace door, which we started ages ago; then we clamped it in place to create the framing that will eventually surround it. 

Finally, we snaked and ran wire to one of the bedroom outlets -- cutting the need for the extension cord we had running from the utility section. 

I also came home from the office one day to find our water tanks had been delivered. At least one of the tanks will be used to support the toilet that is soon to be installed. We're in the final space planning stage of the utility section, a daunting task because the arrangement is relying heavily on the things and sizes we're able to source. Hopefully I'll have a brand new update come next week!