The Lost Month

Noah and I have had a busy month. Sometime at the end of January I learned to weld and realized that I'm better at it than (Noah) thought I would be. ha! A few weeks ago Noah turned 30 and he took his first flying lessing where he got to land and take off in a small plane. After the flight, I had to talk him off the ledge of signing up for his pilot's license because, you know, we have that whole tiny house to pay for. ;)

We're now elbow deep in February and not much has changed in the tiny home. Sure, we enjoyed some natural light to work in from the first window and removed the stiffeners to put in the second but here we sit, our hands clean. A few timeline set backs:

1) ITS COLD. Now, if you know me in real life, you know I spend the greater part of winter curled up in my full leg and arm snow suit, going everywhere from the grocery store to client meetings. I hate the cold but even Noah won't attempt working in the tiny home when its 15 degrees outside. 

2) A great way to fix the cold issue would be to finish the wood pellet furnace which we could do if THE PARTS WOULD ARRIVE THAT WE ORDERED IN DECEMBER. Yes, that's right; the manufacturer (and their competitors) are all short on supply. 

3) The awesome 'green machine' has been removed from the property. You may remember this guy from the post about leveling the trailer. He has temporarily (we hope) been relocated. While we have found another way to install the window (which would is the next step after the heater), it has been too damn cold to work outside.

4) Repeat issues one through three.


Anyway, now that the contact page on the blog is working, we've been hearing from a lot of our readers. We love hearing from people so feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or just say hi! 

Hope you are all staying warm out there!