Leveled & Ready for Floor Insulation

Progress feels nice, so, so nice.

We were able to do the demo and some of the floor with the trailer as is but we knew eventually that we would have to get the trailer level on the ground. This, apparently, takes the work of three men and a giant green forklift. Luckily for us, we had some friends who could provide the truck and the hands to make it happen. The forklift had to lift the trailer in four places so they could put wood under each supporting side (I was on dog watch duty - Fritz insisted on getting in on the action). Within twenty minutes we had a perfectly level trailer and are now able to continue renovations.

Also new this week was the completion of the thermal break later of the floor. So far, everything had been going really well and was considerably easy work. This started to change when Noah started installing the steel studs for the floor -- a task that is mostly annoying and hard on the back. We'll be finished with the floor studs this week and will have an update when the insulation guys come!