The Furnace Makes it's Debut

A few major milestones happened this week and after The Lost Month, we're happy to share pictures and details about what we've accomplished.

Wednesday night we finally had enough pieces for the furnace to attempt lighting it. It took a few attempts and a refresh of the manual to get it going but by today the unit is able to warm the space. To put the furnace in it's final place, we await the 'elbows' to be delivered; these will allow the exhaust piping to turn at 90º and allow us to ultimately save floor space.

With beautiful, dry weather this weekend, our goal was to work on the second window and to our surprise we completely installed the window in one day (a task that took us 3+ days the first time around). In the pictures above, you can see Bob and Noah measuring to cut out the hole for the frame and window to fit. With the frame welded, the hole ready, all that was left was to screw it in from the outside and by 5pm today we had a working, sealed window. It was at that point that Noah suggested we camp out for the night.

I write this blog post as a I steal glances at the bright white stars shining bright above our windows. Noah sits as he always does at this time at night, reading on his iPad next to me in bed. Both dogs are curled up dreaming; Fritz probably dreams of running through the snow; Chloe dreams she has an owner who will continuously throw the ball. Tonight, I dream of waking up every day to this wonderful man who is letting me build a home with him. 




Hopefully our next update will include a story in pictures of the first sliding glass door insulation.

Thank you to our lovely readers who send emails requesting more pictures and details.