If you'll remember back in April we started on the air conditioner before taking a long detour to sliding glass door land. After we secured the door and ensured that it wouldn't fall out/leak/be broken in to, we were able to get back on track with the major goal of finishing the air conditioner. 

In the last month we've mounted all three air handlers and ran all of the copper tubing to make it all work. This hasn't been without incident: in the pictures above, you can see some copper that has been closed in white foam; we started out with copper that came packed in foam already. We completely mangled the copper when we tried to pull it through the corner section of the framing and quickly realized that buying copper and the tools to properly bend it was the way to go. I've been really happy during this stage of the process because there has been far more for me to do. With this project, Noah is able to teach me what to do and leave me to do it. 

At this point, we've snaked most of our conduit so the next step is wiring the three units together. After that, our professional has to come back out to turn it up! 


And now for fun

Noah and I are both fans of hosting so naturally we're thrilled to take a break and just enjoy the fire and views from the house. The scaffolding has become a lovely balcony space for the time being and has served us as a dining area. Naturally I had to provide some kind of decoration, so I went out picking wild flowers to set the table with. The amount of bird watching, bunny hopping, and sunsets fill my heart. I already feel at home here.


In other fun, Noah's father graciously gave us two hammocks that he picked up in Brazil. We took a mid day break on Friday just to purchase the proper hardware and chains to hang one at the back of the trailer. I've already lost count the number of naps taken here. Fritz and Chloe don't hate it either ;)


Noah and I have been lucky enough to have a private yoga teacher come to our apartment for the last 3 years. Unfortunately for me, I find the only way I'm going to do yoga early in the morning, if ever, is if Vic comes knocking and I'm forced to wake up. It's been a dream of mine for the last 7 months to have her come to the tiny house for a practice. This week we were finally able to coordinate two practices and they were delightful. Even tiny houses have room for yoga!