A Box Within a Box

For the past year we've had a consistently large pile of steel framing taking up space; this week we made big strides in the framing of the tiny home project to eliminate that pile.

This winter has been particularly tame with most days only lowering to 40 degrees. Winter finally landed however, and we've been blowing through bags of fuel for the furnace. We decided to throw ourselves into putting up temporary insulation to help save cost on wood pellets. Noah focused on finishing the framing on the ceiling and walls, which had remained a painful and annoying task. I installed temporary fiberglass insulation on the walls and ceiling and because it's only temporary and because our framing is made of steel, I used duct tape to help keep the insulation in place. Eventually we will replace the insulation with the same spray foam that we used in the bedroom

In the coming weeks we will focus on finishing the bedroom walls, installing more PVC pipes for electric and working out a permanent water storage solution. For now, we rest easy knowing our current water and toilet won't freeze -- which is good because we're leaving for a cruise tomorrow!