A Place to Sleep

When we last left off on our progress on August 17th we weren't sure when the foam guys were coming. Luckily for us, they called the next day and gave us a two hour notice to finish up a few things. The main item on the to-do list was dealing with the tail light wires that I mentioned in our last update. Noah added conduit to surround it and constructed a box to close off the end, as shown in the pictures above. The guy who came to insulate the bedroom was extremely professional and tidy, as shown in the image above with all the plastic. 

After the insulation had dried, we were able to start throwing up the plywood, which we're using for cross load rigidity. We will eventually face the plywood with another flexible product to finish it. For now, we focused on getting the sections finished that needed to be inplace to install the murphy bed. In the coming weeks, we will finish off the ceiling and walls with the plywood and then move on to the next portion of the project. 

Earlier this week we cut the wood for the base of the bed and attached it the black frame (WHICH ONLY TOOK ABOUT 700 SCREWS). Then, Noah spent one night constructing the spring mechanics, which make the bed go up and down.

Of course we had to test out the bed and Fritz and Chloe gave their stamp of approval by demanding to sleep with us last night. :)