What Progress Means to Me

Sometimes I feel defeated. Are we building something? Are the days of endless screwing nails into wood and steel ever going to end? 

Then, we finish a piece of the tiny home and progress becomes a reality. I look down at the last piece of subfloor, beautiful and locked into place like a puzzle. A puzzle that will become the foundation of our home. I look down at each screw and imagine this cold, steel and aluminum box filling up with warmth, memories and pieces of our lives. I imagine the big dinner parties that will fill up our tiny home. I see the world through the windows that will soon be cut into the sides. I like to imagine our dogs jumping up onto the front of the trailer, currently empty, that will eventually be our bed. I see scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee prepped in our kitchen -- our kitchen with the double sinks, full sized appliances and views to the trees. 

The subfloor marks a turning point -- a foundation set and ready for the first major component. Windows? Furnace? The next move doesn't matter as much as the overall progress does. Every day I feel more warmth enter the trailer -- and no, it isn't just the insulation, it's the overwhelming satisfaction of building our home from the ground up. I can't wait to sip coffee and look out from our kitchen windows and watch as the dogs explore the tall grass just steps from the place we call home.