We're getting by with a little help

We're lucky to have friends and family who are as excited about this project as we are. Even though we are going through this process by choice and it is fun for us, it helps to be supported and be cheered on by people that we love. 

Both of our fathers, Bob and Eric, have been involved since day one.

Bob has been lending a hand and his truck so far, carting us all across the tri-state to pick up lumber, supplies and parts that will eventually be installed in our home (note Fritz who takes these opportunity to lounge on the carts at Home Depot). His help, patience and love are priceless.

Noah’s dad, Eric, was the one who originally suggested we look into semi trailers and has been very involved since we purchased ‘Domino’. Working out of town for the past few months has kept Eric from physically participating in the day to day work of the trailer and because of this, he has become the researcher — sourcing materials and scoring deals on major components of the tiny home. So far, with his help, we’ve purchased a wood pellet furnace as well as seven windows, which were an especially good deal at seven for $500. Also, thanks to Brett who went with Noah to pick up the stove!