This'll Do. A Work Space.

We've been at Lovare for almost a month and it already feels like a home I'd like to live in for a long time. Ever since we hit the soil here, I've felt no desire to post to the blog (even though I'm always thinking of topics). We've made it right?

For a few weeks I was set up in our kitchen area, which is was not practical long term. Noah found the time to set up my monitors in the space they'll eventually live. We mounted the monitors on the underside of the Murphy bed using special hardware (pictured above). While this is where they will live 100 years from now when we finally finish, we'll also be doing a lot of finish work to the space:

• the wood behind the monitors needs to be trimmed, finished and painted
• the current legs for the bed will be removed and in place a steel shelf will be built to act as support when the bed is down
• the steel shelf will also house the keyboards, computers etc. (vs setting up our camping tables every day)

At least for now I can be productive with my client work and the view is not too shabby! 



Loving life.