Storage, Finally!

The evolution of our clothing storage during the construction has been painful -- a fact that I've let be known. I've negotiated, researched and presented my storage ideas to Noah several times. I've explored hiring companies/contractors and friends. It ultimiately came down to something custom made by us. 

I am no builder, no mathemetician either, but I began laying out what I wanted our storage to be. I purchased 15 storage boxes at Target and based my sketch on how many we could fit in the available space (note: this is the first time ever that I surprised Noah with a purchase that he was ok with). Noah, on the other hand, finally had an excuse to buy a router (which we needed anyway). 

Noah took my little illustrator sketch and build his version in Sketchup. We needed a custom unit that fit well under the air handler, was stable for travel and had a door so we could hide the clutter and keep it secure; all of these things helped us arrive at the solution above.

We will eventually add closures, trim around the door and paint it.