Rivets and Keys

This week we focused on finishing the area around the door. We still needed to fill a few holes that were made during the installing of the door, and to do this, Noah ordered a rivet gun. The dogs kept their little heads extended outside the door the entire time, "WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS?"

The door itself also needed some help; we came in a day after foaming around the edges to find the foam had actually pushed the frame down so much that the door was no longer opening.  We removed part of the foam... NOTE TO SELF AND OTHER TINY HOME TRAILER LIVERS: make sure you buy the appropriate foam expansion style.  We did the medium one, and we really needed the smallest one.

The door was not closing with a perfect fit within the frame, but luckily we found out that the tiny wheels on the bottom of the door can be changed to allow for small adjustments. We now have a perfectly fitted door!

We also raided the junk pile by the trailer and built a fire pit; I've been cooking on it whenever possible. 

We had to special order the handle and lock because Home Depot and Lowes aren't cool enough to carry options in the store. We finally installed the parts and for the first time, we are using a real key on the tiny home. 


Next step: finishing the air conditioner.