A Rainy Day Update


Life in north west Ohio is as good as ever. Noah, the pups and I are happy living our country life (currently on 14 acres), still working from home and spending breaks on walkabouts. Frustrated with something (usually myself): walk or bike up to the mailbox; feeling aimless and cluttered: mow the lawn or pull weeds... and it goes on.

Sometime in February we took steps to personally purchase the 6.888889 acres next door so that we could eventually build something there. The property, an eyesore for all that pass and a safety hazard, came with 2.5 structures with the material remains of the previous owners. At some point, we'll need to burn these buildings and start new with a concrete foundation and proper permits for building. The property also appears to come with a water well of some sort, and maybe more. The bottom line: they are creepy as fuck. Armed with my phone and a flashlight, I documented some of the gems found within. 

As far as Domino is concerned, we've made little visual progress that can be captured in photos. This progress includes:

• Making a 55 gallon 'gas station' on a trailer we purchased (Noah was particularly proud of this!)
• Finishing our flooring, WHICH WE HAD STARTED IN FEBRUARY
       ^seriously, life changing!
• Bringing the hot tub onto the finished deck
• Cleaning up the property next door (one piece of garbage at a time)
• Roaming the property for the stones to create/build our fire place
• Starting a composting bin (not pictured)

Once we stop traveling constantly there will be more to report. Stay dry out there, friends.