A Place to Crash

There's not much to say about our last month. Parts have been purchased. Research has happened. We've installed some power stuff that can run our 3 air handlers without the generator. But there's not much visually to see.

The images above are showing a brillant construction trick, or a pathetic one -- I haven't yet decided:
We needed to cut the first section of the ceiling plywood and weren't confident in the measuring method. The crafter in us came out and we brainstormed ideas on how to trace the holes onto the wood and I came up with the idea to use foundation. What could be better (really, email us your suggestions)? I had a tube that was old anyway so I used it to trace the aluminum can light so we could print the placement of the holes onto the wood. Five minutes later we had to holes cut to perfection. 

Next, we had to screw the wood into place, a task that proved to be harder than any of the above. Because of the (my) difficulty in holding up the wood long enough to screw it in, Noah came up with a brilliant solution to screw in 4 temporary screws into the walls to hold up the wood. With that support, Noah was able to secure the panel into place.

After testing out the bed, we realized the provided velcrow strap was failing to hold things together when the murphy bed was up. Noah ordered seatbelts from Amazon and they are doing a great job. Making the bed has never felt so satisfying.


For now, I leave without a known path to the next thing. Hopefully I'll return next week with a ton of progress form this weekend.