Our New Beginning

Ready for some big news? We've decided to join a tiny home community in Ohio!

Let's back up.

A few months ago we began the search for our next piece of land to continue our journey as tiny home dwellers. We looked into various options; some included, a Dayton tiny home community who were in the beginning stages of planning, a leased arrangement on a weird piece of land in Kentucky (the owner had no other use for it), farms, and finally, Lovare Homestead Tiny House Community. Eventually we realized that Lovare was the fit we were looking for and the community was kind enough to agree to let us join their community.

Side note: We (at Lovare) are still open to two more families joining the community. I'll post the new website when it's finished for those that are interested.

After we committed to Lovare, we had to make arrangements to prep the actual parking spot for the house. Apparently it is difficult to hire people to lay gravel (or so it seems) so Noah rented a giant machine (which he had a blast learning to use). We mapped out a 20x60' area so that we would have enough room to park our cars and dug down 3-4 inches so we could lay the appropriate gravel. In all, we used crushed two’s and 304a gravel so everything would be stable.

We will be moving (FOR THE FIRST TIME) during the first week of May. Pray for us?