An Exit Strategy

If you've been keeping up with us in person, you've probably asked more than once, "so when do you think you'll be moving in?" 

We would smile slyly and tell you that it would be February, which became March and then April. 

You would laugh and we'd all silently acknowledge that we had no idea what we were doing. 

Well, June is knocking my friends and our lease is up. With much debate, we've decided to go month to month and just r..e..l..a..x and slow it down a bit. 

This past weekend we started a big project: the first door. 

Back in October, we walked into a ReStore and lucked upon two, brand new, gliding glass doors which we purchased on the spot for $250 each. The first will be installed opposite the furnace, as shown above in the pictures. To install the door, we had to build a frame to support it. 

The first step was bringing in the 20 foot, 2” x 6” x 3/15” box steel, which had been sitting outside through the winter. We measured (TWICE), marked and oiled the steel to cut it with the band saw. Next, we sanded the 4 pieces to remove the layer of rust. After the frame was welded together, the lines had to be ground down so the frame was square. 

This week we'll be working on prepping the area to install the door. This includes: grinding down the rivets, cutting the (existing) stiffeners, foaming around and in the steel frame and eventually cutting the hole -- with the last part dependent upon on the weather.


The install of this door is huge. Its completion will really signify progress and give us something really tangible to be proud of. 


This week, I included a snap shot of our naked loft. The one wall of the loft is a few feet longer than our trailer is, at 63 ft.  The total square footage is 1,200. OTR has been a great home to us but I'm ready to start something new in our tiny house. :)