Combined, Noah and I have spent the last seven years living in Over-The-Rhine. The bulk of that time was spent making our 1,200 square foot loft feel like a home. As the neighborhood grew and evolved, so did our need for change. The change we settled on was a 450 square foot tiny home.

Wait, what?
Noah first approached the subject of tiny homes with me two years ago, and while I never had concerns about getting rid of our stuff or how we would handle living in such a small space, I did question if it was the right time. 

Now, two years later, after going through the logistics of customizing a tiny home, we arrived at a solution on wheels, giving us the ability to easily move it and all of our belongings for future travel/land ownership. It represented a freedom from a mortgage.  Also, as the saying goes (from Fight Club), "The things you own start to own you".

We explored many tiny home options, like shipping container renovations and prefab RVs, but we eventually arrived at a 53' dry van semi trailer. A semi trailer would give us maximum allowed size for a home on wheels (53' length, 8.5' width, and 13.5' height), and unlike building a custom trailer from the ground up, the semi comes with walls and a roof, sealed and ready for all road/weather conditions.

The Home
It only took a few days of searching before we found a trailer that would fit our needs (a used 2005 steel Trailmobile). By the following week, we put down the money and had the title in our hands.  Last week (Oct 18th), the trailer was delivered to the location in Kentucky where we will be transforming it into a livable space with working windows, doors, a full kitchen and composting toilet. The trailer measures 53’ x 8.5’, giving us roughly 450 square feet to work with.

Home Sweet Home!