The Deck, Part 2


• Purchase wood on a day when the hardware store has a rebate offer

• Attach bottom brackets to concrete foundation

• Build three beams to go across* (simple enough for one bullet point right?)

• Attach beams to brackets

• Work really hard to make everything level using a level, chalk lines and string

• Attach beams to posts, trimming when necessary

• Buy steel steaks because you don't trust the wood steaks

• Accept that the deck will never be perfectly level

• Stop everything when you realize you missed a step: (In our case) come up with a solution to finish the bottom/back of the house because you won’t be able to later when the deck is finished

• Take advantage of friends who are staying with you

• Use the best tool ever to nail the decking onto the joists 

• Take a nap


*fun fact: while researching, Noah stumbled upon a tip to cut the sandwich bits into points so that the water runs off the deck easier