Country Living

I've never lived outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, save for a small amount of time when we were borrowing land just a hop into Kentucky. Not only did we move to a new city, it just happens to be in the middle of nowhere. When I say I live in the country I mean there is no place to walk to and the most exciting attraction (which really is exciting) is the small soft serve window down the street. My big outings now consist of going to Dollar General (a newly minted store) or walking to the mailbox. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving country living.

Things I've learned from my new country life:

  1. Everybody waves -- so much so that if I don't see them in time and don't wave back I start to feel a little guilty. 
  2. Basic town things like the post office will likely be disguised in an old bank where no one has considered putting a real sign on the front for said post office.
  3. People really care about every inch of their property. If someone even thinks you've sneezed on their side of the line they will call you (or the police!) and complain. Don't fret though because they will still wave as you drive by.
  4. Sometimes you have to include travel time to accommodate tractors that will drive for miles in the middle of the road with the entirety of town trailing behind. 
  5. Raccoons might leave a bin full of dry goods alone for a month, while breaking into every trash can. Eventually you'll come home to cocoa powder and pasta everywhere.
  6. Getting mad at raccoons for not finishing the food they ruined is a thing and I'm still pissed.
  7. Weeds man, weeds.
  8. You can pay a man named "Soupy" to take away your trash.
  9. Some small towns, like ours, have an epic and free recycling center.
  10. If you leave bacon partially covered on the counter and the door open, you'll return an hour later to flies who have laid eggs ON YOUR BACON (and that's a lesson I only need to learn once).