The Changing Landscape

The past couple of weeks have brought us crazy warm December weather where we focused on framing the bedroom doorway and framing the interior. Fritz was thrilled to sit outside!

We settled on a door for the furnace in which the door attaches much like a picture frame does to the backing. In the pictures above you can see us welding the frame so we could install it with the wood. The actual door with the glass has yet to be finished. 

We also cut wood to finish the door way into the bedroom where we will eventually have a sliding door with barn hardware. 

This past weekend I cut the 14 pieces of remaining steel for the wall framing, while Noah installed it. We've also begun installing the steel for the ceiling and it feels great to finally have the steel pile dwindle. 

Our focus has now shifted to completing the framing so we can put in temporary insulation -- in preparation for the winter (we're sure is) coming. Eventually we'll replace the temporary insulation with the spray foam that we used in the bedroom.