On Building Walls

I have received word that I'm behind in my updates; a lack in progress surely due to both an incident with my finger as well as construction complications. 

A few weeks ago, as we finished the subfloor we took a step back and studied our progress. The next thing on our to-do list was going to be a big one: walls and windows. While Noah has always had a plan for the next project, we're still not sure how cutting into the aluminum sides (will) go -- will we have success or will we ruin what we've built?

Progress has been painfully slow (for me). I've been putting an unnecessary amount of mental energy into getting out of our apartment; and while moving in sooner would save us the money we pay for our loft, there is no reason to put such pressure on us (far easier said than done). I can't imagine how people renovate entire houses themselves that go well into several months time. 

In addition to my anxiety getting out of whack, I took a kitchen knife to a plastic bag and ended up chopping the tip of my finger off. I want to be quick to add that the accident wasn't nearly that bad and has been healing quite nicely. The only true disability from the injury seems to be my inability to type at my usual speed. :)


As you'll see in the pictures above, we've hung about 20 feet of steel for the walls, leaving room for the cutout of the window (where Noah is standing). Unfortunately, the steel lengths were just under 2 inches off, forcing us to cut each piece to fit the correct height. Small setbacks like that and holiday obligations are what has taken us so long to make progress. 

Soon, we'll take the leap and start on the cutout of the first window. If all things go well, we'll finish the structure for the walls, install the windows and first sliding glass door and finish with insulation. I can't wait friends!