Let's weld some window frames!

MIG Welding

A very important part of this whole project is getting to implement all the various skills I've picked up (albeit in my relatively short life).  One of the skills I think is invaluable is to be able to MIG weld mild steel.  It's a skill I learned in college by taking welding classes and by building set pieces for theatre.  The other important part is to build the whole thing with my wife (together).  It's our current hobby, and I know we'll take great satisfaction in knowing that we built the thing ourselves :)  Now it's time to pass along some of that awesomeness to my wife!

She's A Pro!

Seriously!  After a quick primer in what was happening, and about 10 inches of practice welds (on 3/16" steel no less), Tabatha basically welded an entire frame herself.  She's definitely a natural. I think she has a steadier hand than I do :)  Anyways, the photos speak for themselves!