Let there be light!

Everything in *this* tiny home is custom.  In this case, we went with a 12v LED lighting system.  In addition we found a 12v pwm dimmer on amazon that is UL listed (so I don't have to worry about it burning down the tiny home).  For under 5 amps we have a full room of warm light.  Every time you turn the switch on or off, the lights dim up or down, instead of just cutting in or out.  The effect feels very expensive, not bad for a $20 switch.  Also, when we do boondock, we'll be super thankful for the power sipping savings we'll have with these.  Hopefully, it'll be worth the extra effort and time to get it done.

Funny thing: it wasn't the walls, the floor or the windows that made it feel like a room. It was the lights.  Being in the room at night and filled with light that isn't temporary or at a harsh angle, made all of the difference.  I'm pretty sure Tabatha almost cried.